At Haystack Recruitment, we have partnered with a select group of general contractors. These companies range from small and local too large and multinational. Our network of construction companies work on a variety of construction projects including but not limited to residential, institutional, commercial, industrial, civil and PPP. Our clients act as general contractor, construction […]

Real Estate Development

Within our company, we have a team of recruiters dedicated to our property and real estate development clients. Our clients orchestrate the process of development from start to finish. They are involved in activities that range from renovations and leasing of existing buildings, to the acquisition of land and sales of improved land to others. […]


Our engineering specialists at Haystack Recruitment have previously worked for engineering consulting firms or have been involved in (mass) hiring processes on the engineering staffing agency side. We pride ourselves on having long-standing relationships with various engineering and consulting firms. Our clients value our understanding of their industry. They use our services for hard to […]